NetAlly OneTouch AT G2 Network Assistant

Brand: NetAlly
Model: Onetouch AT G2

an automated network troubleshooting tool that empowers IT professional teams to effectively validate, and troubleshoot Ethernet and Wi-Fi access networks

Product Information


Reduces network troubleshooting time by standardizing network troubleshooting:

  1. An All-in-one network tester for wired and Wi-Fi network analysis and discovery
  2. Unique AutoTest profiles that provide “best practice” network troubleshooting methods for novice and expert technicians and identify the most common end user issues in about a minute
  3. Automated test trending and a cloud-based service that deliver long term results analytics and charting for faster identification of intermittent issues – even when technician is away
  4. Enhanced team collaboration through a simple web-remote interface and easy-to-use inline packet capture capability