Hioki IM3533 LCR METER

Brand: Hioki
Model: IM3533

From R&D Applications to Windings, Coil and Transformer Manufacturing

Product Information



Hioki LCR Meters and Impedance Analyzers range from 1mHz to 3GHz devices to suit a wide range of applications in the testing of electronic components. The IM3533 series are Hioki’s first LCR meters to offer turn ration, mutual inductance and inductance difference measurements of transformers and coils, and are integrated with an internal DC bias to facilitate HDMI compliance testing.
Key Features
±0.05% accuracy with wide measurement range (DC, 1mHz to 200kHz, 5mV to 5V, 10uA to 50mA)
Non-stop testing over mixed measurement conditions such as C-D and ESR at 10 times the speed of previous models
Built-in low impedance high precision mode effective for testing low inductance or the ESR of aluminum electrolysis capacitance
Dedicated modes for measuring transformer winding ratio, mutual inductance and temperature compensated DCR
Frequency sweep testing (IM3533-01 only)
2m/4m cable setting in addition to the standard 0m/1m
Touch screen with intuitive operation